How To Open A Stuck Garage Door From The Outside

Have you ever experienced a day when nothing goes as you have planned?

Take this example for instance: You’ve overslept, your children are late for school, you’re running late for an important appointment, and then all of a sudden, your garage door gets stuck.

It couldn’t get any worse, right?

Mornings are already stressful enough, but having a door break down will only add to your worries.

Garage doors are complicated devices that can break down for no apparent cause or cease operating entirely.

It might be owing to its age and out-of-date hardware, or it could be a simple issue that you can repair right away.

What are the most prevalent problems and how to open a stuck garage door from the outside?

Find out about the most frequent problems and how to solve them in the section below!

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Common Issues & Solutions

There are many reasons why your garage door gets stuck, here are the common issues with solutions provided:

Garage Door Is Stuck Close

Don’t worry if your door becomes stuck and will not open while you’re still inside.

There is a simple instruction on how to manually open it.

  1. Disable all locks and latches to ensure that the mechanism will allow you to physically open the door.
  2. To unplug the opener from the power supply, unplug the motor.
  3. Locate and pull the emergency release cord.

A red cord in the center of the door track serves as the emergency release handle.

Pull it down only after you’ve double-checked that the garage door is completely closed.

  1. Lift the garage door until it comes to a complete halt.

Before you let go, double-check that it has stopped.

If it hasn’t made it to the top yet, it will close quickly, causing an accident.

Garage Door Is Stuck Open

  1. Follow the steps outlined above if the door is stuck open.

However, before initiating the emergency release, ensure sure the springs are not damaged.

  1. Second, if you turn the lever down, the door will quickly fall open, causing damage to the door and anything beneath it.

Put a log below the door to keep it from collapsing to the floor and causing damage.

Garage Door Is Jammed.

The door might become stuck for a variety of reasons.

It might be due to damaged strings, a lack of lubricant, or even the door slamming shut.

In any case, contact a professional to identify and resolve the issue.

Garage door is Stuck Halfway Up

If the door only opens halfway or is squeaky, the very first thing you need to do is close it completely.

Then, using the emergency release handle, try and open the door once more.

If you are able to fully open it, there must be a problem with the door opener.

Is the door partly open once more?

This indicates that the issue is with the door itself, therefore contact a professional as soon as possible.

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Common Causes for a Stuck Garage Door

We will enumerate below the common reasons why your garage door is stuck.

With these given, you might be able to know what to avoid and to follow next time.

1.  Climate conditions

Extremely hot or cold weather might have a severe impact on the garage door.

Temperature fluctuations cause rails to stretch and shrink, resulting in damage.

In cold weather, for example, it may cause your garage door to become stuck.


Leaves, tiny stones, and dirt accumulated in the rails can cause blockages.

They are the source of the door’s inability to close and open correctly.

A little ball or toy might cause it to become jammed.

Problems with the chain

Garage door chains are an important component of the door’s operation.

Because of the vibrations and the weight of the hefty garage door, they ultimately become weaker as they are utilized every day.

4Kings Garage Doors Repair Maryland

These are the procedures on how to open a stuck garage door from the outside.

To provide more force and get the job well done, consult a specialist to alter the door opening mechanism’s pressure.

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