Automatic Garage Door Repair

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    Automatic Garage Door Repair

    Automatic Garage Door Repair In Maryland

    With the advent of technology, garage doors operate automatically nowadays. It is truly convenient because you do not have to manually lift them up and down anymore. Besides energy, it also saves time.

    However, unlike the manual traditional doors, automatic garage doors demand more maintenance; they need to be checked regularly. As owners, we can do simple steps for maintenance like cleaning and lubricating. As for automatic garage door repair in Maryland, we advise to let the professionals do the job.

    4Kings Garage Doors Maryland is a company in Maryland that offers affordable services like garage door installation in Maryland.

    Do-it-yourself Repairs

    First things first, take note that the manual or handbooks are vital, for they have information about how to lubricate or adjust these automatic doors. In case of lost manuals, you can call the manufacturer have a new one or have replacements. Usually, you can look up the manuals on the manufacturer’s website. You just need to have the products manufacturer date, unit, and model number.

    You can check the garage door’s springs, cables, rollers, and the other gears of the door. That is a good place to start when thinking of a check-up for damaged pieces, worn out pieces and frays. Automatic garage door repairs are considered as basic kind of repairs and can be done by a courageous do-it-yourselfer. However, the more complex work should be done by an experienced garage-door technician.

    Luckily, here at 4Kings Garage Doors Maryland, there are experts on dealing with automatic garage door repairs. We can help you fixing your automatic garage doors in no time.  For DIY fixing, here are the common problems and the steps to follow:

    The photo-eye sensors are damaged.

    Photo-eyes sensors are safety devices included in practically all automatic garage doors. There are two sensors installed on each side at the bottom of the door. They send a light beam to ensure that nothing is blocking the entrance. They prohibit the garage door from shutting if that light beam is interrupted.

    The reason for this is to protect the garage door from injuring or destroying someone or something when it closes. Keep in mind that it only affects shutting. Therefore, if you can’t open the garage door, the problem is most likely nothing to do with the sensors. Meanwhile, the photo-eyes are at blame if they are simple to correct. First, ensure that there’s nothing in the beam’s way. Then, double-check that the photo-eye sensors are pointing in the same direction. Ultimately, clean each device to make sure that they are not obstructed.

    The batteries inside the transmitters are expired.

    Although it may seem self-evident, your transmitters require power to operate. It will not be able to send a signal to the door to either close or open if the batteries are already expired.

    First, examine if the transmitter. The transmitter should still be able to open the garage door after you press it. If it does, the problem lies with your car’s transmitter. Most probably, it only needs a battery change.

    It is actually easy to replace the battery inside the transmitter, especially that most transmitters have a door on the rear side that can be easily slid open for removal.

    The motor has been disconnected or burnt out.

    Another simple reason for a faulty opener is the motor. It might be disconnected or burnt out. To know if this is the problem, examine the motor located at the ceiling. You can conclude that this is the problem if the plug inside isn’t placed into the device. You can simply reconnect it to solve this issue. Moreover, it the problem is a burnt-out motor, probably overheating, you should contact a professional. We are warning you that this situation is extremely dangerous. The technicians will examine the opener repair it afterwards.

    Where do you go to fix your automatic garage door?

    Here at 4Kings Garage Doors Maryland, our services are top of its game. There is nothing our expert technicians cannot do. We handle any type of repairs from manual garage door to automatic commercial doors.

    You name it, we provide it. Guaranteed 100% expertise, no matter what field.

    Contact us now at 4Kings Garage Doors Maryland for your automatic garage door repair in Maryland.

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