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    Do you need a garage door repair?

    You may reach out to one of our numerous well-trained garage door repair professionals today to have your garage door system serviced and maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendation for a smooth and reliable functioning.

    At 4Kings Garage Doors Maryland, we are here to provide exceptional, high-quality, and excellent garage door repair services to houses across Maryland and surrounding areas, making sure that you or your activities aren’t harmed nor jeopardized.

    As a result of constant use, your garage doors may become ineffective, damaged, and hazardous.

    Here’s a list of few common problems that your garage door may actually have:

    Damaged or Misaligned Tracks

    Garage doors at most are run on metal tracks that guide the door as it slides up and down.

    If the tracks become damaged, misaligned, or corroded, the door wont function properly.

    On of that, the damages that occurred would eventually worsen and there’s a tendency that the tracks would buckle.

    Commonly, the main reason why tracks would get damage is when cars or pieces of equipment collide with the door.

    Depending on the severity of the damage, a qualified overhead door maintenance may be able to straighten or repair the tracks, which is why we, the 4Kings Garage Doors Maryland is here to help.

    Dirty or Damaged Rollers

    In order to move smoothly, rollers are there in your overhead doors.

    Gradually, they can become packed with dirt and debris.

    They can also be worn out, rusted or severely damaged, if has been checked on and if there has been no maintenance.

    If this happens, your overhead door may have difficulty during opening and closing or would make squeaking and grinding noises.

    Oftentimes, just cleaning and lubricating will get things back up and running.

    This should be done twice a year, preferably done by an overhead door professional.

    An expert technician can swap them out and make sure that the overhead door has no other damage.

    Worn or Damaged Torsion Springs

    With the use of torsion springs, the weight of the overhead doors is balanced and allowing them to open and close with ease.

    If the torsion spring is not function properly, your operator wouldn’t be able to lift the door off the ground.

    The standard rate of torsion springs are about 10,00 cycles, if used consistently the overhead doors would only last a few years.

    If this spring fails, your overhead door can no longer be used.

    Mostly when a torsion spring is damage there are chances of sudden breakdowns and can cause the overhead door to come crashing down that can cause great consequences, that is why planned maintenance for your overhead door system is very vital.

    Squeaky noises in the torsion spring are a clear sign that it needs lubrication, or it needs to be replaced.

    These types of tasks are usually done by professionals, such as us, 4Kings Garage Doors Maryland, due to the fact these torsion springs are under great and high pressure and should not be taken care of non-overhead door professionals.

    Dented Sections and Panels

    More than usual overhead doors to take a lot of beating.

    Since your overhead door is part of an interconnected system, it is important to immediately repair the damaged panels.

    If your panels don’t get changed or repaired immediately, chances are it could misalign and it would affect the rollers, tracks and opener systems, they too, would be damaged as well.

    If your overhead door gets dented or is already worn out, a licensed expert can assess the damage and tell whether it can fix or replaced, worst case scenario, the whole overhead door is going to be replaced.

    In high traffic commercial facilities, it isn’t unusual for overhead doors to take a bit of a beating.

    The most dependable garage door repair and service comes from those who are most familiar with the product.

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