Garage Door Cable Repair

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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Need a Garage Door Cable Repair?

    Repairing your garage door cable is not easy.

    We are telling this in the very first place before you decide to continue the procedure.

    Cables are included in the most dangerous parts of the garage door along with the springs.

    For professional garage door cable repair, reach out to 4Kings Garage Doors Maryland.

    We offer affordable services for garage door repair in Maryland, as well as installations and maintenance.

    However, if you really prefer to do it on your own, you may follow the steps below for successful mounting.

    Before you begin your project, make sure to have all materials needed to complete the job.

    The following are the equipment you will need to repair the door cables:

    • pliers for locking
    • cable replacement
    • bars for winding
    • wrenches
    • rockets
    • ratchet
    • a stepladder

    In addition, loose or fitting clothes nor jewelry should not be worn.

    It is highly suggested to use work boots, gloves and safety glasses at all times.

    There is a possibility of pointed edges or small fray cables, so avoid them at all cost.

    How to replace them?

    The following are the steps to replace your garage door cables:

    1. Disconnect and unscrew the garage door by pulling out the shutoff valve grip.
    2. After leaving the door open, use the vice grips found at the bottom of each roller to hold the door open while replacing the cables.
    3. Avoid standing in the way of the winding bars by going to the center point of the door and loosening the screws on the springs. Always keep in mind to fully insert their winding bars and use this at the same time to avoid any danger.
    4. Normally, garage doors have a lot of tension, so continue to uncoil its springs to remove what’s left of its tension. If your garage door has more than one spring, just continue to uncoil all the springs.
    5. Whenever you take your wrench and start loosening the set screws, make sure that almost all of the tension has already been cleared, then take all of the set screws on the cable drum.
    6. Now, start removing the cable from the cable drum. Take your socket wrench and remove the bottom screw, then remove the cable from its bracket.
    7. Install a new cable over the bottom bracket and up to the cable drum at the top of the door. Be certain that you apply it on both sides of the door.
    8. Put the cable further into the cable drum’s slot. Check that the wire’s properties are set and not crossing.
    9. Wrap the cable onto the cable drum, then slide it over to the bearing plate and reverse turn the drum until the cable is tight. While fastening the screws, b1e cautious not to overtighten.
    10. While gripping the cable, use your strong grip forceps to hold the steel rod that runs across the entire door against the wall in place, then proceed to the right side of the door and repeat the same process.
    11. Once you have done these procedures, you may now raise the tightness on the springs using your winding bars, ensuring to only raise tensions 14 turns at a time to prevent over winding the springs.
    12. Finally, remove the locking forceps from the steel rod at the top of the door and re-engage it by drawing down the emergency release and raising the door until it double clicks into place.

    When you’re finished, reconnect the opener.

    Let the professionals do the job.

    Garage door cable repair are really difficult to administer, but the techniques outlined above must serve as a general guideline.

    These measures must be observed to avoid causing harm to your home and/or people.

    Have your garage door cable repair with 4Kings Garage Doors Maryland.

    Any garage door repair in Maryland is available right here at 4Kings Garage Doors Maryland!

    We offer that very same wires that expert garage door repair technicians use across the country!

    Our expert cables are also available as part of our fully–featured garage door torsion spring replacement part, which comprises cables, springs, winding bars, and center and end bearings!

    At 4Kings Garage Doors Maryland, you can have the garage door cable repair that the experts use today!

    On a side note, we also offer a garage door installation in Maryland.

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